Marines Have Weather?

When most people think of the Marine Corps, meteorologists don’t tend to come to mind, but we do exist.  Before attending UMass Lowell, I spent 10 years on active duty with 5 of them being a meteorologist.  Military forecasters from all branches, the Marine Corps, Navy and Air Force, serve vital roles in military operations […]

Free Resources in Meteorology / Atmospheric Science / Climate Science

There are a lot of excellent free resources now available, so I thought I’d start putting together a list. Hopefully, I will update these with more entries and commentary. Add what I forgot in the comments. Books: “Practical Meteorology: An Algebra-based Survey of Atmospheric Science,” 2018, by Roland Stull. “Demystifying Climate Models, A Users […]

Weather Talk: Winter Weather in the Northeast and its relation to the NAO

You may have heard on social media or heard on the news about el nino and la nina, but did you know that there are other large scale patterns in the Northern Hemisphere that work just like they do to influence our weather? We call these patterns teleconnections because they can affect meteorological phenomenon long […]