When Will Summer Begin This Year?

While “summer weather” is not a well-defined term, most of us would agree that if the temperature hits 90o F, we definitely have “summer weather”. This year, May had some pretty warm weather, with 7 days of temperatures of 85 o F or more, but the highest we got to in May was May 2 with a temperature of 89 o F.

If we look back at the last 20 years, the first day of 90 o F or more ranges from March 31, 1998 (90 o F) to as late as July 20, 2015 (90 o F). The last time the temperature in Lowell (on the UMass Lowell campus to be exact) was 90 o F or above was July 21, 2017.

The first days of June of this year have been a bit cooler than normal. The average high temperature this time of year is 75 o F to 76 o F, and our highs have been between 83 o F and 52 o F, averaging out to 69 o F. The next several days do look warmer, but nothing suggests that we will go above 90 o F anytime soon.

As always, the Jetstream pattern tells the story. While the details change a little, the general pattern stays the same for the next several days. The Central U.S. where the Jetstream moves into Canada, will continue to be very warm. Where we are in the pattern, where the Jetstream moves south into New England, we will have seasonal weather. No 90 o F temperatures!


Figure shows the upper level (500 hPa) pattern of Highs and Lows, and the Jetstream, emphasized by the red arrows, for June 7, 2018 at 2pm EDT.

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