My time at the UMASS Lowell meteorology program

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Last Saturday was graduation day at UMASS Lowell day for many, including myself.  This day had been a long time coming, but the time at UMASS Lowell in the meteorology program was well worth it. 
When I started, the campus definitely looked different then it does now.  The parking was much more difficult, there was a dorm on north campus, and there were less buildings.  However, the meteorology program was very much similar and it was still in Olney room 312.

I have very much enjoyed my time at Lowell.  I have specifically enjoyed my time in the program.  I have learned a lot about the weather and specifically forecasting the weather.  The professor who I felt like I learned the most from was Dr. Frank Colby.  Dr. Colby teaches a lot of the forecasting classes at Lowell, and as my main interest is in forecasting, I enjoyed his class a lot.  Dr. Colby is very knowledgeable in the weather and forecasting and teaches what he knows very well.

Now that I’ve graduated, I look forward to taking what I learned while at Lowell and applying it to a job in the real world.


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