What a Difference a Week (or less) Makes!

New England is famous for its changeable weather.   “Wait a minute and the weather will change” is a comment often made when hoping for better weather.  We are in the midst of such a pattern.  Notice in the figure below which shows the last 10 days of weather, and the next 4 days of weather forecasts, how our high temperatures have fluctuated from being warmer than normal to colder than normal.  And how the forecast for the next few days is well above normal.  This is Spring in New England! 


The weather we are expecting in the next few days is courtesy of a large-scale weather pattern that is typical of summer, but can occur in almost any season.  In the figure below, we see a large area of high pressure located near Bermuda – a Bermuda High.   

The circulation around an area of high pressure is clockwise, so we have air coming from the deep south into New England, and this Bermuda High is forecast to stick around for the next couple of days.  With the warm air, we can expect some thunderstorms on Friday too.   

Enjoy the warmth while you can!   

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