Free Resources in Meteorology / Atmospheric Science / Climate Science

There are a lot of excellent free resources now available, so I thought I’d start putting together a list. Hopefully, I will update these with more entries and commentary. Add what I forgot in the comments.




Time to learn python – free, open source, and lots of relevant packages.  Anaconda is probably the best place to start for a package manager.


This is a whole other topic, but just a quick note here that US weather forecast and reanalysis data is all available online, and much of it can be accessed interactively (but often slowly) with free packages like python or GrADS.

Social Media:

I’m too old to provide a good guide to this, but there is a lot of good weather and climate discussion and data visualization on Twitter.

Online Apps:

Playing with simulations is a great way to gain physical intuition for complicated physical systems.  Here are a few physics and math apps I’ve found useful online.


-Matt Barlow

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