Tropical Storm Isaias

Tropical Storm Isaias is near the Carolina coastline this afternoon, but struggling to maintain its intensity. As of 2pm Monday, Tropical Storm Isaias was centered about 115 miles south of Charleston, South Carolina, moving toward the north at 13 mph. Maximum sustained winds remain near 70 mph. A Hurricane Warning is in effect from South […]

Gallery of Atmospheric Dynamics Animations

by Mathew Barlow, EEAS Professor of Climate Science This post includes twenty short animations from our undergraduate two-course sequence in atmospheric dynamics.  Topics covered include vorticity, waves, and instability. The code used for these animations can be found through and 1.  Winds and rotors for an idealized vortex Embedding rotors (‘+’) in the flow allows […]

Simple Atmospheric Models: Resources

by Mathew Barlow, EEAS Professor of Climate Science This post gives links to freely-available code for simple models of the atmosphere (and ocean). If you know of anything I’ve missed, please email me at and I will add it here. Many thanks to Daniela Domeisen, Geoff Vallis, Malte Stuecker, Nathaneal Wong, Milan Klöwer, and […]

What do blocks and jet streaks have in common?

by Mathew Barlow, Professor of Climate Science Blocks and jet streaks appear to be fairly different phenomena. However, in a very idealized sense, they can be thought of two versions of the same configuration: two oppositely-rotating vortices embedded in a westerly flow. Two opposite vortices, no background flow Two counter-rotating vortices that are nearby will […]

Preparing for Hurricane Season starts now

While Sub Tropical Storm Alberto got the season off to an early start this year, impacting the Gulf Coast this past week, Hurricane Season officially starts tomorrow. The start of the season is usually slow, with more tropical weather occurring from July through October when conditions are more favorable. However, preparations for a landfalling tropical […]

My time at the UMASS Lowell meteorology program Last Saturday was graduation day at UMASS Lowell day for many, including myself.  This day had been a long time coming, but the time at UMASS Lowell in the meteorology program was well worth it.  When I started, the campus definitely looked different then it does now.  The parking was much more difficult, there […]