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Forecast Issued: November 19th, 2017 at 7:00 P.M
UML Student Meteorologist: Cameron Howland

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Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
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Merrimack Valley Regional Weather Summary

Good evening folks, after a blustery and cold Sunday I bet many of you are eager for the forecast this holiday week, and you are in for a treat. Monday looks to be clear with sunshine in command most of the day, temps ranging from low 30's in the morning to low 40's towards the afternoon. However, the wind will be with us all day tomorrow, winds gusting from 15-25 mph will create a wind chill around the mid to upper 20's. Tuesday looks very warm for this time of year, temps in the morning will be in the low 30's however, we will quickly heat up, climbing to the low to mid 50's in the afternoon. The wind will be with us again and will be gusting anywhere in between 25-35 mph. Wednesday doesn’t look great, but nothing major to disrupt travel plans for Turkey Day. Clouds will move in late Tuesday night and trap in the warm air for Wednesday. Temperatures on Wednesday morning will be in the low to mid 40’s and will rise to the low 50’s. Most of Wednesday looks overcast with a chance of showers, mainly in the morning into the afternoon. The next two days look to follow this same pattern, seasonable in the morning, and above average temperatures in the afternoon with sunshine in control most days. Saturday looks warm and clear most of the day until the evening, an area of low pressure moves in giving us a weak disturbance that will cause some light rain and maybe in some areas a few flurries. After Saturday it looks like we will be in a cool and nonactive pattern.

Short Term Forecast

Mostly clear. Blustery and cold in the morning. Temps in the morning in the low 30's with wind chills in the low 20's. Winds will be gusting 15-25 mph most of the day. Temps will rise to the low 40's .

Monday Night

Mostly clear. Breezy and cool. Wind stays with us and temps fall back into the low 30's.


Cold, clear and blustery. Temps in the low 30's and gusty winds. Winds gusting from 25-35 mph. The afternoon is going to be very warm, temps warming to the mid 50's.

Tuesday Night

Mostly clear. Temps drop back to the low 40's. Clouds move in overnight trapping in the warm air. The winds will die down to calm conditions.


Overcast in the morning with temps in the low 40's. Rain moves in by the afternoon followed by warm air, temps in the low 50's.

Wednesday Night

Cloudy. Temps fall back into the low 30's.

Extended Forecast
Thursday Thursday Night

Mostly sunny during the day with temps in the low 40's. Clear at night, temps will fall to the upper 20's.


Mostly sunny, breezy. Temps in the mid 40's with winds gusting from 15-25 mph.

This forecast will be updated on November 20th, 2017.

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