Associate Professor of Climate Science

Department of Environmental, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences

University of Massachusetts Lowell


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Twitter:  @MathewABarlow


Overall Research Focus

The influence of large-scale climate variability and change on local conditions of importance to society


Research Interests

Drought dynamics and predictability, especially for the US, Central-Southwest Asia, and the Great Horn of Africa

Extreme precipitation and temperature events

The relationship between global warming and modes of natural climate variability

Intraseasonal variability and predictability (timescales from 1 week to 3 months)

Climate change in the Northeast US

The hydroclimate of northern Eurasian and influences on the large-scale circulation

Monsoon dynamics and regional influence

The influence of local and regional weather on pollution, pollen, health, and energy use



2013-2015, co-PI NASA Project

2009-2013 PI for UML, Collab. NSF Polar Programs Project

2008-2012 PI for UML, Collab. NSF Hydrology Project

2008-2011 PI, NOAA CPPA Project

2007-2008 Subcontractor, NSF Water Cycle Project

2006-2007: PI, UMASS Teaching and Learning Technology Grant

2004-2008: PI, NSF Climate and Large-scale Dynamics Project

2004-2005:  co-PI, NOAA Human Dimensions Project

2003-2008:  Lead PI, Collab. NSF Water Cycle Project

2003:  Subcontractor, World Bank–Columbia Univ. Project


Current PhD Students

Laurie Agel, Extreme precipitation in the Northeast US


Past PhD Students

Andy Hoell, 2011, now at NOAA ESRL

Roop Saini, 2012, now post-doc at UCONN


Editorial Boards

2015-present        Editor for the Journal of Climate

2006-2015           Associate Editor for the Journal of Climate

2006-2015           Review Editor for Climate Research


Committees and Working Groups

2012-2014           co-chair of US CLIVAR Working Group on Large Scale Circulations Associated with Extremes

2011-2014           Phenomena, Observations, Synthesis (POS) Panel of US CLIVAR

2008                    Writing Team for AMS Water Resources Statement

2005-2009           AMS Applied Climatology Committee


Peer-Reviewed Publications (Students in Bold)

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